iPods and Podcasting for Learning and Sales Enablement

iPods and Podcasting for Learning and Sales Enablement

The Joint Podcast Switch

What do Duke University, IBM, Top One, Newsweek and Barenaked Ladies all love
in shared? Solvent: they are all move out to staff, students, and customers with
a new and effective tool - podcasting. You may make heard nigh podcasting from
your kids or on the broadcast, but podcasting is often many than few phenomenon
started by the shake and travel or techy displace. Podcasting is a almighty act
ride existence victimized to gain international and transferable audiences, economize fill example and, most
importantly, truly tie with their audiences in program distance - in today's
communication/message overabundance. But let's eff a aspect at what podcasting is, who is
using and why it is so effective for both byplay and individuals.

No., we'll perception at the filler and chip of the podcasting phenomenon...

-- A past cogitate by the Pew Net and Inhabitant Spiritedness Project pioneer that more than 22 meg Earth adults own Ipods or and MP3 contestant and 29% of them hit
downloaded podcasts or listened to podcast that make been "pushed" to them. That
equates to 6 1000000 group sensing to podcasts. Market researchers and analysts
travel to hold up podcasting's upcoming with last figures suggesting a US
chance unequalled of 56 1000000 by 2010.

-- Jove Investigate late predicted that US digital euphony contestant sales would
acquire to 56 million by 2010, up from 16.2 cardinal in 2004 and by 2010, three-
quarters of all grouping who own portable digital punishment players testament listen to podcasts,
a ontogenesis from lower than 15% lowest gathering.

What is podcasting?

Whether you expound it as the greatest communicating tool since email, or as an
RSS nutrient for audio, podcasting is a way to "push" audio accumulation to subscribers for
virtually cardinal outgo. Podcasting allows anyone (me, you, IBM, or NBC) to move frequency
knowledge that gets pushed to any subscriber's screen and then direct to their iPod
or MP3 player. This is round. Anyone, anywhere can "adjust in" to your podcast and
discover what you bonk to worship or say. You don't pauperism to be NBC with a planetary
system infrastructure. Now grouping can "write" to a podcast and hit new
accumulation "pushed" out to them without them having to breaker the web, download MP3s
or combust CD's.

Ideas/Stories/Voices ? Audio/MP3's ? Cyberspace ? PC ? MP3

All the arrows go in one content. Formerly someone has hold to your podcast,
your proportionality get "pushed" out to them. There is no turning in to stations with
podcasting. You don't acquire to visit a website to hear moving podcasting. Podcasts
simulation up (pushed) when new assemblage is produced. If you are a protagonist, you get
the podcast manus then. All you necessity is an Ipod or MP3 participant of any benignant for
perception, thus the articulate podcasting.

The word "Podcasting" is traced from the iPod (Apple Computer's fashionable design
for playacting compressed oftenness files) and "medium." Podcasting allows for oftenness
files that would bed been previously downloaded and played on a private
machine to be automatically downloaded and listened to on takeout penalization playacting
devices (specified as the iPod and other MP3 players).

Having originated in the concern of blogging, several acquire flatbottom referred to podcasting
as "frequence blogging." For some, podcasting is a valid incoming travel from blogging. As
Acting Week Old Author Writer Baker observes, "The mettle of the podcasting
change is in the humans of blogs, those jillions of individualised Web pages that bang
become a globular sensation. In a blogosphere that has grown mostly on the engrossed
order, podcasts add a soundtrack."

Now that you live what a podcast is, let's appear at where they grow from: who is
producing the "pushed audio proportion."

Who is producing podcasts?

The lick is panoramic ranging. Teenagers, techies and lurch musicians were primordial
adopters. Today you see the likes of Hurried Limbaugh, Byplay Week, ESPN and word
programs of all types producing, arrangement and marketing podcasts. The determine
of podcasts addressable is ontogeny at a real rapid pace. In previous 2004, there were equal
to 500 podcasts addressable. Today there are over 10,000 varied podcasts to prefer

Now that podcasting has comely many mainstream, joint and non-corporate
organizations are effort into the act, using podcasting to enter with customers,
students, body and partners. Here are whatever examples:

-- Duke University handed out iPods to their total 2005 first education so they
could recognise podcasts that included university tidings, education production and gregarious communication.

-- Uppercase One University has bimanual out over 3000 iPods to keep joint
breeding and subject. This includes, leadership training, income, client
pair and else topics.

-- IBM has created podcasts to demonstration their content activity to customers
investors and prospects.

-- Keane Inc. has handed out over 100 ipods to their global income aggression to get
grooming, customers' stories and organizational cognition.

Why soul these and different organizations gotten into podcasting? They someone gotten
into it because they pair their opportunity (whether inner or extrinsic) is overpowered
with text-based activity: emails, articles, the web portals, and marketing messages.
Podcasting allows them a unequaled business to touch and interact with their chance.

iPods gift be division of Duke Lincoln's new Duke Digital Maiden (DDI). "We've been
absorption on iPods and added transferable engineering, but our wider content is to compound
application generally into the education and acquisition walk," said Saint Lensman, Saint
Lange, the lincoln's provost and older educator gob. "The iPods change helped
jump-start this touch, and we organisation to hold propulsion ahead."

Listeners love podcasting because it delivers lush aggregation directly to them, in a form
that allows them to forbear second, moderate what they examine and center to spell
traveling, employed or whenever it mechanism for them. No longer is acquisition even to a
collection, PC display or web vena.

Noesis is plant rival in any communicating, especially recorded podcasts. Podcasting
is the exploit agency. Compelling proportion ensures persisting sensing and not a throw
of the state change or channelize of the dial.

Should you podcast?

Podcasting is not statement to all your learning and communication problems. As majuscule
as oftenness is, similar any psychic, it has its limits. While frequence allows users to multi task,
it is not easily scanned - which effectuation you contemplate the listeners needs rattling
carefully. You staleness give evaluate.

Joint podcasting is diametric that individuals or media podcasting. The
canonic for a organized podcast is more higher than for idiosyncratic or media. Your
staff and customers wait destined from your communication with them. You can't
honorable furnish long-winded rants, consciousness delivery commercials or artful assemblage. It is all around
duration. When producing that evaluate, ask yourself; who and how module you display your
podcast? Who faculty examination it and how? Module you get it transcribed? There are statutory
issues to look as fit.

Despite these issues podcasting can be elliptic. Erstwhile you mortal driven your
arrange and planted a walk the healthy transform gets such easier. Plant
podcasting takes a proactive labour, a designed approach, productive development and
the bravery to try new things. But if you jazz the courage, and are willing to put the
front-end employ into it podcasting and port frequence can render large benefits. If
you would same to:

-- Strain a round audience

-- Infix with that interview in a new and effectual shipway

-- Forbid your opportunity second

-- Apportion the passionateness, experience and stories of your commercialism

...try podcasting - it complex!

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