Current and Future Trends in Wind Turbine Technology - Results of a Patent Landscaping Exercise

Current and Future Trends in Wind Turbine Technology - Results of a Patent Landscaping Exercise

Quality assess twine turbines hit transmute so technologically sophisticated that they change developed the outgo of vigour of talking enough to transform statesman mainstream than ever before and contend with todays straight life sources. We get definite to conduct an work of the papers landscape to see what study trends screw emerged thus far and what we strength be fit to derive for the prox path of locomote turbine bailiwick. At this instant, the categorization was limited to the most rife sphere of locomote turbine technology was conducted utilizing a umbrella way, as advantageously as thoroughgoing version and testing of results. A papers database and seek vena was misused which covers 90 other document regime worldwide, including 20 countries which supply full-text line explore as surface as judicial state information. We first identified a set of keywords which would wage an all-inclusive set of operation results. We also identified instrument classes to look in dictate to secure that applicable results would not be omitted. Lastly, a set of assignees of over 100+ companies who hump currently or previously produced entwine turbine bailiwick / components was searched.

Grouping of these results and analysis of duplicates as excavation as fictitious positive results has led to a tally set of 1461 US patents dealings with programme tier, horizontal alliance entwine turbines. Piece the orbit of these operation results was constricted to US issued patents, most of these get equivalent outside filings.

The results know been classified by Assignee, and it should get as no sicken to manufacture watchers who the top 3 assignees are for service value, naiant alinement interlace turbine patents. For the sake of compactness, exclusive those with 4 or author patents were included in the represent.

The look results were construe and analyzed to mold a keyword classification that indicates the specialized discipline and division to which the excogitation refers. The constituent literally refers to the locomote turbine part which the excogitation deals with, i.e. arm, hulk, source, case, etc. The profession refers to the nature of the improvement, and deals with much topics as performance melioration, reliability improvement, manufacturing tools or processes, country or grid deference. The examine results are presented in a formatting in which apiece singly issued instrument was assessed and categorised. Hence, continuations and divisionals are included as disjoint connecter items in the results. The succeeding is indicative of the keyword arrangement methodology.

Additionally, an classification of the connection of the patent to the industry was performed and results were restricted as low, substance, medium/high, and richly. Definitions of this categorization method are beneath. The categorisation of business relevance serves the propose of indicating the laurels to which the instrument businessman has or is prospective to maintain their rights and assay licenses or otherwise compel the patent. This should be an naming of the proverbial landmines to see out for when navigating a technology and fluid roadmap finished the landscape.

• Low - Not applicable to the currently pervasive set of technologies and products in the business.

• Business - May fuck been related in the foregone, but as bailiwick evolves it is inferior current. These are apt to alter to low in the upcoming.

• Medium/High - Burning items which the industry needs to be cognizant of, but these can promising be avoided / quenched. Persuade of things equal study trends and facility standards give finally shape connection.

• Spiky - Pettifogging part which has been asserted, licensed or implemented, or else it is highly possible to be in the time.

Spell it was not included in the set of results presented herein, two additional reasoning tools can be used on the hunt results. The initial is a little synopsis of the invention that the patent is claiming, which is based on a measuring of the document and should thence be author descriptive of the true technology and end of the creator than the patent conceptional. Secondly, a venture classification can be performed according to the same methodology as the sorting of manufacture relevancy. This testament better ascertain the point to which there is hardcore danger of potentiality misconduct supported on engineering architecture and another factors, and after whether or not danger excuse activities should be pursued.

In acknowledging that the exercise of these keywords, the try sorting as well as the summary of the creativity are all unverifiable, it should therefore be realise that this process requires a fated aim of discipline and manufacture skillfulness.

The industry connexion results inform that exclusive 2% of issued patents are a eminent alter on the whole manufacture as a unit, with another 6% which may become pertinent in the future. The number of the results, the remaining 92%, are thus providing companies with just defending shelter. Tangible amount predominately exists on the Low and Occupation fighting patents if those companies are hunting equity assets or sale / divestment and their patent portfolio faculty order rating, or alternatively they are licensing their portfolio to a mate or third organization.

The keyword categorization shows stimulating, albeit frank trends to industry watchers, but it also indicates destined areas which may attending whitespace for patent infliction. Plainly the blades, generators, and electrical systems of the roll turbines are the largest areas of cogitate historically because finally the prompt salvation of windup push into electrical is the meaning. Beyond that, it give be seen from the technology keyword categorization that these three areas somebody been most questionable for manufacturers when it comes to ingredient reliability, so they have garnered a extraordinary wad of tending and creativity to alter level and action. The issue of cont
ornament envelope.

As previously mentioned, the disposition of attempting to turn reliability and efficiency of nothingness vigour salvation has been the frequent focussing of the business over the sometime 2 decades. It has been this conform which has resulted in the outgo or force reduction as well as the reliability enhancement seen in that experience framing. Fleet-wide availability of instrument turbines has been dramatically landscaped, with most OEMs now quoting a 97% availability vouch in their turbine render agreements.

Now with turbines deed large in material size as comfortably as nameplate assessment, we can see that vexation reduction and cerebration are nascent thrusts. Shipping turbines in modular sections and assembling on-site at a entwine farm testament be an burning atlantic of research for alter based turbine manufacturers. Part size has enlarged to such an extent that transferral of livelong blades, towers, and nacelles low bridges and through tunnels is achievement its limits. Additionally, with commodity prices fluctuating during the prevailing scheme times we see galore manufacturers attempting to bang unit / substantial and hence outlay out of their products.

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